Two by Two

This is a delightful story about Noah’s ark and how the animals may have come around to getting on board. The animals come from the forest, farm, jungle, arctic, as well as from Africa to line up and board. Children will learn about the different environments where animals live as they make their way onto the ark. As the animals’ board, they will show children how to board in a quiet and calm matter. Children will enjoy seeing that the animals were not the only ones to board, but those other small creatures will be able to board as well.

Swimming in the Ocean

Childhood is a unique time to experience. Swimming in the Ocean is about the different experiences of childhood that we all enjoyed and experienced when we were younger. Children today enjoy being with family and friends. Children learn best through play whether they are at the shore, meadow, park, or in their yard. As each scene of childhood is read aloud both parents and children will enjoy the different sides of childhood.

Inspired From My Heart

The inspiration of God can fill a heart. He fills our hearts with words that inspire us to write them down. These poems are the inspirations that God has placed in my heart to share with those who may choose to read them. Let them fill you with joy as His word inspires your life.

Favorite Family Recipes

Recipes that move through generations or become favorites become another kind of comfort food that can bring back memories of celebrations as well as those who prepared them. The food that we prepare becomes the centerpiece of the celebrations of life.

Written From My Heart

Inspiration comes from many different places. Sometimes it is found with our relationship with God while other times we can find it in people and places we visit.

A Stitch in Time

Growing up we experience many different situations that help to shape who we are. By taking these experiences we begin to understand our relationship to others and how much we mean to them. Family experiences cause us to think about who we are and what we are capable of. This is a story about the relationship with my grandmother and myself and the impact she had in my life.

Pirate Kids

Have you ever wanted to go on a treasure hunt? This is a story about 4 pirate children that take off on a treasure hunt of their own. As they follow the direction on their trusty map you will be able to follow their adventure as they ride through their neighborhood in search of their infamous treasure. This story is a treasure for children of all ages.

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