Conscious and sentient human beings are, by definition, a highly sociable group of life forms that depend on each other for survival. They weren’t joking when they said “no man is an island”. In fact, it’s quite literally true in every sense of the phrase – in the context that human beings are social beings by heart, and the well-being of individual humans depends on their ability to interact and coexist in unity with the society that they belong to and the god that they worship.

For us Christians, It’s important to give God the very same consideration that we give when we spend time developing human friendships and partnerships. Unfortunately, too many people see the Lord as a street-vendor or a convenience store, granting short-order prayers whenever people feel like lining up for one. But the reality is that it takes full dedication and effort to relay your heart’s message to God, which will definitely take up some of your time. God sees the sincerity and genuineness of our effort when we take the time to whole-heartedly acknowledge him, and for that he rewards us with blessings and abundance of guidance and wisdom. There are absolutely no shortcuts in achieving a fulfilling relationship with the Lord – it is an investment and a mission that many seek to accomplish but don’t want to put in effort to achieve it.  

Many Christians live an lackluster connection with God and the desire to continue in their prayer remains unacknowledged. In Luke 18, Jesus recounts a widow who wants to bring an unfair judge to justice. He doesn’t tend to support her at all, but she eventually succeeds in persuading him through pure, relentless determination at long last.

God is definitely not an unjust tyrant. He’s the heavenly creator of all existence that love all of us equally and unconditionally. Jesus tells this story to emphasize the importance of resilience and not giving up in our prayers – a reminder to not lose hope when prayers seem to not be immediately answered.

It’s noteworthy to mention that divine inspiration itself stems from the Lord – as it’s highly likely that the creators of the original Scripture had no clue what God was trying to relay to them at all, but they were obedient and wrote it down anyway.

The ability to inspire always begins with a very premature and painful realizations concerning the state of those that matter the most to us. God has created us for the needs of others around us to be moved. Connections are intended to empower us and inspire us. In nature, this affects interactions. It means that we must devote our sentiments, aspirations, ambitions and comfort to others.

What stirs up in our hearts when we think about the redemption that God provides? Are we thankful for it, yet continuously living a life counter-productive life? Do we turn a blind eye to the significance of salvation by taking it for granted? A lack of confidence in the reassurance that our sins are absolved means that we cannot wholeheartedly commit to loving and serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

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