Life experience can be retold and passed on, but genuine experiences cannot be taught. We could be informed and educated of the views of older people who lived before we did, so we can’t actually learn about them first-hand until we experience it for ourselves. We need to live them ourselves. With every passing day, we usually learn something new – some joyous and wholehearted, and some depressing and harsh in the reality they pertain to. Eventually we come to embrace the ideas and notions that we’ve come to agree and disagree with throughout our lives. These are lessons which transform us and mold us, defining the very fabric that composes who we are as people and what our relationship is to our species, to the world, and to the universe as a whole. These are learned through experience – living the course of life as it passes by. 

Change is one of the things that people don’t like at all.  Some people may even feel some tension I their minds when they hear this term. Why, though? Why is the transition so bad? Why is transition causing so much tension and depression? The solution is straightforward; people dislike discomfort. Changing is different and so we are compelled to seek new habits, change and evolve our lifestyles in a positive manner. Peers and colleagues might look at us and wonder about the change in us, and some would rat you out. Yet you are the only one entitled to determine whether this adjustment is positive or not.

Here is some positive life-advice that many of us wish we knew earlier.

  1. Learning starts with simply giving new things a try.

Leaping into a new hobby, job, or occupation could be daunting and anxiety-inducing at times. But by simply giving it a try, we open ourselves to the positive change that we seek, and by working towards them in a progressive mindset, learning new knowledge ensues, and maybe even newfound passion and inspiration.

  1. Giving back when you aren’t obliged or required to is one of the purest joys

It’s extremely easy to justify something or make excuses for something. It’s relatively easy to convince yourself that there’s no benefit in giving back when you don’t need to – whether it be helping out a homeless man, donating to charity, letting cashiers keep the change and giving generous tips to overworked waiters and servers. Doing so, however, provides a unique feeling of generosity and positivity that cannot be bought. Brighten up your day by brightening up someone else’s.

  1. Life isn’t a race and the progression of our careers will unfold in its own time (as long as we’re passionate)

We all have our own timelines. It may take your valedictorian book-worm friend the minimum 4 years to finish her college education while maybe you spent 7 years in the same 4 year course only to drop out and become an undergrad. The milestones we achieve in our lives and the times in which they occur do not define us as human beings, nor does it have any implications on the path we’re in and the goals we have, since we’re all entitled to our own lives and we make our own choices.

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