Why You Should Make Poetry Part of Your Life

Who would have thought that simple words grouped can become so influential in someone’s life? Everybody needs poetry in their lives. It does a lot of positive things to one’s mind and soul. There are a lot of good sides you can get out of it. Aside from its aesthetics,  poetry’s strength in making the world a better place is incredible. If you are an avid reader or you have been writing poems, you already know this. Poetry really helps in touching the mind and heart of everyone. This is the reason why this type of literary work should also be appreciated just like any other. It deserves so much attention as it is really a work of art. 

The effects of poetry on a person’s mind are therapeutic; it makes it an amazing hobby. Not only will it help you relax, but it can teach so much about the world. It can serve as something that you can have to lighten you up. It can be there for you when you feel no one else is. The sensation that it can give you a lifetime of contentment. Fortunately, you can find poetry in the most random things. Most importantly, it can be found in books. Kathryn Coltrin is a versatile author that focuses on inspiring and motivating readers. Inspired From My Heart by Coltrin is an example of a book that is packed with everything poetry.

To give you more ideas on how beautiful poetry is, check the points below:

It helps you beautifully express yourself.

Writing poems can also give you a significant amount of astonishment. It helps you in terms of successfully expressing what you truly feel inside. It gives you the feeling of talking and sharing problems with a friend; once you have expressed your deep-seated feelings, you feel much lighter. Thus, if you need help expressing feelings out loud, you can opt for writing them down through poems. It will serve as a platform in which you can self-reflect freely.

It makes you discover more about yourself.

Have you ever felt like you don’t understand yourself anymore? It’s like life has thrown rocks at you all the time, leading you to be preoccupied and get sidetracked. Well, everybody has experienced feeling this way. It is normal to get sometimes lost as long as you have hope you will find your way back. One of the best ways to get you back on track is by writing your feelings down. Having to know your self-worth is one of the essential parts of life. Thus, it would help if you took the journey of understanding your own identity. Poetry can definitely help you with that aspect. Poetry can empower you to be confident in your thoughts and feelings. When you write poems, you tend to undergo inner reflection, which allows you to explore and gain insights within yourself. This internal reflection can lead you to greater self-awareness of who you are and what you are capable of.

It can develop your character.

Character development is important. It shows how you can get receptive to learning the world around you. It can definitely help you unleash all that you have been feeling. It makes you think. It spotlights what the issues might be and forces you to logically and methodically answer them. The thing about reading or writing poems is that it gives you ideas about yourself that you never knew existed but always wanted to understand.

It helps you make connections with other people.

If you feel like you are just stuck in your own little bubble, you should probably work on it. Studies have shown that a lack of human connection will promote depression. There are a lot of ways in which you can improve this. A good start is by writing a poem about your feelings. This is also one that poetry can help you develop. It will help you realize that someone out there understands you. You will feel like you are heard. On the other hand, if you love reading poetry, it helps you have the patience. The patience to look into other people’s lives. 

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