Poetry Writing Hacks You Need to Know

Do you have instances where you just want to speak your mind, but you cannot? Expressing yourself how one feels can be difficult. Then, poetry might be the proper outlet for sharing the expression you want to speak. 

Poetry is the most liberating form of creative writing there could be. This is a creative therapy using the written word to understand and then communicate feelings and thoughts. You can express your artistic emotions in abstract or concrete forms. It can be vague, subtle, brilliant, and even dull. Some are rhymed, and some are free verses. Some hold on to something, and some create curiosity. Poetry allows you to bare your soul and open the doors to feelings that are suppressed inside. 

One can be blown away by the ability poetry can say in much fewer words. And this is what makes everyone love this form of writing. Poetry is beautiful as it is meant to be read and interpreted by others. Reading poetry has a similar effect as writing poetry. Poetry can give light to all those dark crevices of your heart and mind. 

Kathryn Coltrin is one of the many people who is filled with thoughts and emotions that wants to come out. She has a desire to express her thoughts in different forms and styles, which fueled her passion for writing books and poetry. For Coltrin, writing poetry is not an easy feat, but every step is a learning process. So, if you decide to make writing poetry as a creative venue, then this article is precisely what you’re looking for to nail this creative art. 

Enhance Poetic Form With Literary Devices

Poetry can be found dated back to the ancient Greeks. And ever since, this has continued to evolve, taking on various poetic forms to serve varied intentions from sonnets, a rhymed poem, limerick, to a narrative. Just like any form of writing, poetry can be improved to more extraordinary lengths through literary devices. It is essential to know how literary devices work. These devices serve a range of purposes in literature. But for poetry, the perfect device usage can elevate your poetry from simplistic to something magnificent. Literary devices highlight significant concepts that can connect readers to your poems. Hence, insert metaphors, allegory, imagery, and other literary devices into your poems. This can be tricky to insert in other poetic forms, but in free verse will be smooth due to its unrhymed form. 

Paint With Words

A master poet uses care and precisions to create evocative word pictures to develop a mental image for their readers. But, how can this be when poetry is in short form? Poets paint with words through their word choices. Treating writing as a form of art can set you in the right direction. You have to bear in mind that you need to strike a balance between description and prompting readers’ own imaginations. This may be tedious as sometimes painting words would require you to withhold information so that readers can imagine a scene for themselves. There is no right or wrong method to pain words. It is in your ability on how you conjure a concrete image. 

Bypass Sentimentality

Poetry is typically short and largely emotional. Poets get in touch with inner sentiments they might not have known they had until it was transcribed on paper. Through poetry writing, you can understand the thoughts being formed around your mind. 

If you are writing a poem because you want to capture a feeling that you experienced, then you can write whatever feels right. Only you experienced the feeling you want to express, so only you will know whether your poems succeed. However, avoid using sentimentality in poetry as it is self-indulgent. Poetry with sentimentality is the expression of emotion for emotion’s sake. Sentimentality aims to stimulate readers’ emotions rather than communicating the experiences of the poet openly and originally. 

There Are No Rules

There are no officially sanctioned rules of poetry or in literature. You can do just about anything in a poem. That’s why poetry is notorious for being dubbed as wild and free. Poets have the liberty to create something out of nothing simply by stringing words together. But you see, poetry is inside you. All you need to do is dive deep within your soul and find the right words within. Go wild. Be serious. Have fun. Be whatever you want. Use your imagination, your own way of seeing. 


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